Parks & Recreation Committee Members

The Parks and Recreation Committee consists of seven members who have interest, knowledge or experience in recreational activities and parkland development. Of the seven members, five must live within Arcata City limits and two may live or work in the Arcata Planning Area. See current vacancies and residency qualifications.


Committee members serve three year staggered terms ending April 30.

Zane Brotherton
Term: 2017
Deborah Coles
Term: 2018
Sheldon Heath
Term: 2018
Calder Johnson
Term: 2018
Steven Martin
Term: 2018
Jayne McGuire
Term: 2017
Nancy Starck, Chair
Term: 2016
Staff Liaisons: Dan Diemer – Parks Div.
Heather Stevens – Recreation Div.
Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the Parks and Recreation Committee are as specified in the Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2231 to 2233. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:

A. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, Commissions or City staff, as appropriate, on matters pertaining to public recreation, parklands, local and regional trails and related facilities.

B. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council and City staff on matters pertaining to art, literature, music, theatre and other related activities.

C. To recommend to the Council and City staff the acceptance or rejection of offers of donations of money, personal property and real property to be used for recreation, cultural arts or parkland purposes.

D. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council and City staff with respect to the establishment of user/rental fee schedules for parks, sports fields and public facilities.

E. To resolve differences and seek solutions to scheduling and use conflicts of City recreational facilities.

F. To establish rules and regulations for use and improvement of public parklands, recreation areas, squares and grounds, including playgrounds, concessions and recreational and related facilities and programs installed and maintained therein.

G. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council and City staff with respect to policies for the acquisition, development and improvement of parklands and recreational areas.

H. To recommend to the Council a comprehensive recreation and parkland use program based on the needs and interest of the community to assure and stimulate public interest and to solicit to the fullest extent the cooperation of schools, local youth and public and private agencies.