Historic Landmarks Committee Members

The Historic Landmarks Committee consists of five members selected for their interest, and knowledge by virtue of training or experience of Arcata’s social, built and cultural environment or of design and building technology.  It is not necessary that members of the Committee live or work in the Arcata Planning Area as required for most other committee or commission members by the Arcata Municipal Code Section 2202.

Committee members serve three year staggered terms ending July 31.

Bob Felter
Term: 2018
Jill MacDonald
Term: 2016

Term: 2018

William Rich
Term: 2017
Donald Tuttle, Vice-Chair
Term: 2016

Committee Liaison: Larry Oetker, Alyson Hunter
Community Development Department


Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the Historic Landmarks Committee are as specified in the Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2277 to 2280. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:

A. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, Commissions, or City staff as appropriate in matters pertaining to structures, sites or neighborhoods having special character or special historic, architectural, cultural or aesthetic interest or value.

B. To make recommendations to City Staff concerning Certified Local Government status, developing a Noteworthy Structure List and promoting other historic preservation activities. This includes coordinating with HSU for listing of State owned historic structures.

C. To make recommendations to City Staff regarding the update of the City's historic resources inventory.

D. To provide community outreach and education concerning historic resource preservation and the benefits of landmark designation. The Committee shall encourage public involvement and education in preserving Arcata's heritage of older buildings.