Historic & Design Review Commission Members

The Historic and Design Review Commission consists of five members selected for their interest, knowledge and experience in one or more of the following: A) Historic preservation; B) Architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design or building design; C) Building construction or landscaping; and D) Solar siting, green building or energy efficiency in building design.

Commissioners serve four-year staggered terms ending October 31.

John Barstow
Term: 2016

Renee Chappelle
Term: 2017

Janette Heartwood
Term: 2015

Term: 2015

James Lowry
Term: 2017
Term: 2017
. Staff Liason: Larry Oekter
Community Development Director


Powers and Duties of the Historic and Design Review Commission are specified in the Arcata Land Use and Development Guide. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:

A. To promote building and site design in Arcata which is of high aesthetic and functional quality and in harmony with nearby community areas;

B. To establish criteria and standards for review of the various types of building and development projects in the City, including adoption of design guidelines to assist prospective project applicants in the design of their projects;

C. To conduct preliminary review of the design of proposed projects and provide comments and suggestions to assist applicants and their representatives in creating designs that will be compatible with adopted criteria and standards;

D. To review and take action to approve, approve subject to conditions and modifications, or to deny applications for design review permits as provided in the Land Use and Development Guide, Title IX of the Arcata Municipal Code;

E. To periodically evaluate completed projects and provide recognition of those projects that have special merit or which are exemplary in terms of carrying out the design criteria and standards; and

F. To exercise any other powers and duties as may be assigned by the Land Use and Development Guide, Title IX of the Arcata Municipal Code.