Salary Schedules, Benefits & MOU's

The City of Arcata has four employee groups. Two are represented and two are unrepresented.

The two represented employee groups are:

  1. Arcata Police Association (APA) - consisting of all  sworn and non-sworn represented classifications in the Competitive Service within the Police Department.
  2. International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 3 AFL-CIO (OE3) – consisting of all other represented classifications within the competitive service.

The two unrepresented employee groups are:

  1. All Management, Mid-Management and Confidential classifications.
  2. All Part-Time, Seasonal and Temporary classifications.

Below are the salary schedules for each of the four employee groups, and the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's) for the represented groups or the Supplemental Benefits and Compensation for the unrepresented groups:

Salary Schedules: