Residential Stormwater Pollution Prevention Practices

Even though you may live miles from local creeks and Humboldt Bay, you may be polluting Arcata's waters without knowing it. Before you discharge anything into the street, gutter, or down a storm drain, stop and think!

Additional resources

For more information on ways you can reduce or eliminate pollutant discharges to the stormwater drainage system in your home or workplace visit the following links: 

  • Humboldt Bay Starts at Your Street, a brochure will great illustrations on how pollutants impact our creeks, wetlands and Humboldt Bay 
  • How-to videos to save water and remove your lawn from the California Water Board's Storm Water Program. (Clicking this link directs you away from the City of Arcata website)
  • What is stormwater runoff? Facts and tips from the Environmental Protection Agency (Clicking this link directs you away from the City of Arcata website)
  • Low Impact Development (LID) is an is an alternative method of land development that seeks to maintain the natural hydrologic character of the site or a region. Check out this interesting brochure from the California Coastal Commission and learn about LID. (Clicking this link takes you away from the City of Arcata website)
  • Northcoast Stormwater Coalition, a coalition that works on reducing stormwater pollution throughout the Humboldt Bay area (Clicking this link directs you away from the City of Arcata website)
  • Our Water Our World, provides information on managing home and garden pests in a manner that does not harm the environment or our water resources (Clicking this link directs you away from the City of Arcata website)
  • Compositng is easy!  Check out this brochure, Backyard Composting Made Easy, for tips. 
  • Here are tips on ways to wash your car that will not compromise water quality, Residential Auto Cleaning Guidelines for Water Quality
  • The City of Elk Grove, in the Sacramento Valley, recently created a rain garden.  Learn about it in this 4 minute 38 second video, Rain Garden: Slowing Pollution At Its Source.

Information on alternatives to pesticides can also be found at the following websites. A more thorough list is available in the City of Arcata Pesticide Reduction Plan. (Please note: following the links below will take you away from the City website)

 Our Water Our World

 University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources IPM On Line

Grow Smart Grow Safe:  A Consumer Guide to Lawn and Garden Products

Household Hazardous Waste Facility

 Dispose of unwanted leftovers through the household hazardous waste collection faciltiy at Humboldt Waste Management Authority.

Open the First Saturday of Each Month

9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

1059 W. Hawthorne in Eureka

15 gallon limit by container size, $5 fee

For more information call (707) 441-2005

Compost Facility

 The City of Arcata has compost bins available, click to see a photo of the bin, to City of Arcata residents, upon presentation of a water bill/receipt or rental contract/receipt, for the low cost of $20.  Green waste can also be taken to the green waste facility.  Upon presentation of a current  Arcata Garbage bill and picture ID , City of Arcata residents can drop at no charge.  The limit is 48 one yard drops in a calendar year.

Wes Green Landscaping

6360 West End Road, first left east of the railroad tracks

(707) 822-8035

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., April through October only

Report Pollution

A toll free regional stormwater hotline operated by the Northcoast Stormwater Coalition can be called at 1 (877) 627-2001  to report active pollution or any other stormwater concerns. You may also call Arcata’s Environmental Services Department at (707) 822-8184.  For more information on the Northcoast Stormwater Coalition check out its website at Northcoast Stormwater Coalition (Clicking this link directs you away from the City of Arcata website).

Have additional questions or need assistance with BMPS or reducing stormwater pollution, please do not hestitate to contact the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department at (707) 822-8184 or