Online Mapping

The City of Arcata is committed to providing GIS data and maps, as cost effectively as possibly to the public. The GIS Program currently maintains a website that allows free search, view, print and query functions for several datasets.  Please read the following disclaimer and click I Agree if you would like to continue on to the GIS Mapping page.

Disclaimer - Please read

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City of Arcata Geographic Information System


The City of Arcata’s Geographic Information System Map Server application should be considered as an advisory tool for general public education and awareness and is not intended and/or does not replace legal description information in the chain of title and other information contained in official government records such as the County Clerk and Recorders office or the courts. Accurate locations can only be established by a professional survey of the land or by a court of law.

This map is for informational purposes only. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in this map. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, disclaims liability for any and all damages which may arise due to errors in the map and the user's reliance thereon.


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