The City of Arcata Geographic Information System (GIS) provides digital geographic information analysis and mapping services to City staff, the public, and other jurisdictions and features public access to maps and data. The GIS program also maintains and updates a variety of City databases and records including but not limited to: Parcel ownership, easements, building activity, stormwater utility information, wetlands, zoning, historical sites, and water quality information.

Attention! Your access to and /or use of any and all information provided herein constitutes your agreement to Terms of Use.  These maps are for informational purposes only. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in this map. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, disclaims liability for any and all damages which may arise due to errors in the map and the user's reliance thereon.

  1. Online Mapping - Find City of Arcata Property Information Online!    
  2. Download Maps - Download City of Arcata Maps in pdf format
     1.  General Plan Land Use Map 
     2.  Zoning Map
     3.  Openspace Map Appendix E
     4.  Openspace Map Appendix E-2
     5.  Hazards Map
     6.  Tsunami Evacuation Map Index (County Office of Emergency Services Maps)
     7.  Urban Service Boundary
     8.  Arcata Community Forest Trails Map
     9.  Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary Trails Map
     10.  Arcata Street Map with street index
     11.  Arcata Parks Map
     12.  Arcata Schools

  3. Download GIS Data - Download City of Arcata's GIS spatial data in .shp format for use in Mapping Software like ArcView

    1.  Arcata Community Forest - Includes boundary, roads, and trails.
    2.  Arcata City Limits
    3.  Contours
    4.  Creeks
    5.  Parcels
    6.  Waterbodies
    7.  Watersheds
    8.  Railroads
    9.  Landmark Historic Parcels

Download Google Earth Data - Download City of Arcata's GIS spatial data in .kmz format for use in Google Earth.  Requires Google Earth to be installed on your computer.

1.  Arcata Ridge Trail - Take a detailed fly-by tour of the proposed Arcata's Ridge Trail
2.  City of Arcata Parcels - Get parcel information by clicking on the desired parcel!
3.  Arcata Community Forest Trails - Display Arcata Community Forest trails

For Smart Phone users wanting to display Arcata Community Forest Trails on Mobile devices:

1.       Make sure GPS is on.  iphone users:  Settings>Locations Services>ON

2.       Copy this link.  In order to make this link work, click and hold link until copy dialog comes up and click copy

3.   Launch internet browser and navigate to

4.   Paste link in top search box and click “search”.  You should see roads and trails now downloaded to Goggle maps.  Click on any trail to see trail number and length.