Construction Debris

The California Green Building Code Section 5.408 requires construction waste diversion and waste reduction California.  The green building code is being updated with new requirements as of July 1, 2012.  The updates include diversion, recycling or salvaging of at least 65% of non-hazardous construciton materials. 

The City of Arcata Land Use Guide Article 9.54.050-Construction Materials Recycling requires that all construction and demoltion projects reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials.  A waste management plan including  analysis of waste, landfill options, alternatives to disposal, materials handling procedures, and transportation is required.  A Final Report must be submitted. 

The Construction & Demolition Reuse & Recycling Guide provides information on where to recycle concrete, asphalt, wood waste, broken glass, other building materials as well as hazardous waste. Arcata Garbage will provide bins and haul these items. Fees for hauling and recycling are competitive with what you would pay for disposal. The City hopes that waste diversion will reduce contractor disposal costs.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority now provides carpet recycling.  Click on this link for its guide, How to Guide For Post Consumer Carpet Recycling In Humboldt County, on how to recycle carpet.

Need to recycle paint?  Arcata Resource and Recovery Center, 1445 10th Street in Arcata now accepts paint.  You can also take it to Humboldt Waste Management Authority on one of its hazardous waste collection days, first Saturday of each month.  If you are a business you can make an appointment to drop off paint or hazardous materials, 445-2005.

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