Pursuant to AB1 x 26, Redevelopment Agencies are dissolved effective February 1, 2012. The City Council elected to serve as the Successor Agency to the Arcata Community Development Agency, in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 34172 (d)(1) and City Resolution No. 112-10.

The Arcata Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency has one purpose, which is to wind down the affairs of the former Redevelopment Agency. Community Development staff also staff the Successor Agency. The Successor Agency is overseen by the Oversight Board.

The City of Arcata Successor Agency is composed of a five-member board. The Board Members are the elected City Council members, and a staff of City employees.

To find out more about current and past meetings, you can read the City Council meeting agendas and minutes or watch live meetings. To request that the Successor Agency consider an item on an upcoming agenda, contact the Mayor or City Manager's Office. To learn more about the Successor Agency, visit the City Council's web page.

Documents for Review

Arcata Community Development Agency First Enforceable Obligations Payment Schedule

Oversight Board Resolution 2014/15-08 Adopting Administrative Budget and a Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule:  click here.  Posted 03-01-15

Resolution #07-1415 of the Successor Agency, 2015/2016 Administrative Budget and Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule:  click here.  Posted 02-23-15

Oversight Board Resolution 2014/15-04 Approving Successor Agency Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule for 01-01-15 through 06-30-15:  click here.  09-11-14

Oversight Board Resolution 2014/15-05 Directing and Approving Issuance of Refunding Bonds by Successor Agency:  click here.  09-11-14

Oversight Board Resolution 2014/15-02 Approving Acceptance of Cash, Investment Funds and Note by Successor Agency (SA) Pursuant to SA Resolution 03-1415:  click here.  08-21-14

Staff Report for Commercial Coach Demolition 12-04-13


The Oversight Board reviews actions of the Successor Agency and directs the disposition of property and assets of the former agency. The Board meets quarterly on the (TBD at first meeting of May 10, 2012) day of the month in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 736 F Street. See  Oversight Board Agendas and Minutes and approved documents.