General Plan

Chapter 1 Community Vision Statement 
Chapter 2 Community Development
     Land Use Element 
     Growth Management Element 
     Transportation Element 
     Public Facilities & Infrastructure Element 
Chapter 3 Housing and Human Services
     Housing Element 
Chapter 4 Environmental Quality and Management
     Open Space Element 
     Resource Conservation and Management Element 
     Air Quality Element 
Chapter 5 Design and Historical Preservation
     Design Element 
     Historical Preservation Element 
Chapter 6 Health and Safety
     Public Safety Element 
     Noise Element 

The Arcata General Plan will help shape how the city of Arcata will look, function, provide services, and manage resources. The plan is the City's "constitution" for physical development and change within the existing and future city boundaries. The plan is a legal mandate that governs both private and public actions. The general plan is atop the hierarchy of local government laws regulating land use. Other laws and policies, such as specific plans, subdivision regulations, and the zoning ordinance are subordinate to, and must be consistent with, the general plan. Comprehensive in scope, the plan conveys the fundamental values that public decision makers will use to guide the City's evolution, from its physical development to the ever-changing network of services provided to its citizens.

Authority and Purpose of the General Plan

California State law requires cities and counties to prepare and adopt a general plan. The Government Code Sections requiring general plans are listed and summarized in the box on the following page.

Planning Commission and City Council Review and Adoption

The City of Arcata Planning Commission conducted public hearings and reviewed the Draft General Plan prepared at the direction of the City's General Plan and Specialized Task Forces. They forwarded a Planning Commission Draft to the City Council. After conducting their own public hearings, the Council adopted this General Plan on October 4, 2000.