Planning Permits

The fees listed below are base fees.  A 10% General Plan Update fee will be added, along with other fees associated with the specific permit.

The City's permit fees are cumulative:  if a project requires more than one permit, all applicable permit fees will be charged.  Application fees are a non-refundable deposit against which hourly rates are applied.  Fees must be paid before an application can be processed.

Please click here to obtain application forms and checklists.

Type of Permit Land Use Code Reference Section Range of Permit Fees* Checklists and Handouts**
Administrative and Legislative  

Land Use Code Amendment

 9.92 $3,408  
General Plan Amendment  9.92  $4,088  
Historic Designations  9.53  $852  
Interpretation 9.10.050   $904 to $4,088  
Local Coastal Program Amendment  9.92   $4,088  
Zoning Map Amendment  9.92   $3,408  
Planning Permit/Development Approval                                             
Alterations & Demolitions  9.53  $326 - $1,302  
Coastal Permit (CP)  9.72.030   $650 Checklist
Design Review (DR) 9.72.040   $326 - $904 Informational Handout
Emergency Permit  9.72.050   $1,387  
Hillside Development Permit 9.52.070  $992 Handout and Checklist
Master Sign Plan 9.38.030  $650 Handout and Checklist 
Minor Use Permit (MUP) 9.72.080  $992  
Tree Removal Permit 9.58.050  $496 Handout and Checklist 

Tree Removal Permit (Ministeral)

9.58.050 $45.54  
Planned Development Permit (PD) 9.72.070  $3,408 Handout and Checklist
Sign Permit 9.38.030  $326 Handout and Checklist 
Use Permit (UP) 9.72.080  $992 - $3,408 Handout and Checklist 
Variance 9.72.090  $3,408 Handout and Checklist 
Zoning Clearance 9.72.100  $248  

*Fees may range in price depending on the size and type of project.
** The City is developing new informational handouts and checklists.  Documents will be added to this page as they are completed.

Planning Permits