Historic Survey Project

A historical resources survey is a systematic process to research, identify and document properties that reflect our community’s growth and development, and our rich and varied history.  Historic resources include not only buildings, but also structures like the Fernbridge, objects such as the McKinley statue, and cultural landscapes like the Arcata Bottom, as well as natural features and groupings of related resources in a specific area which are called historic districts. 

Surveys can tell us which properties are architecturally and historically significant and identify properties potentially eligible for designation locally, and at state and federal levels.  They also provide important information on a property’s significance for environmental review in advance of a development project.   The last survey of historical resources in Arcata was conducted in 1981, and documented properties 50 years of age or older.  Much has happened within the last 30 years, and over the next year the City will be conducting a survey of areas that were not included at that time. 

About Arcata Historic Resources Survey 

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