Major Development Projects

Find information about major development projects as they go through permitting processes, which can take place over a period of years. This page is updated as new information becomes available.  

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1. Isackson's Affordable Housing Project

Danco Communities proposes 43 income-restricted rental housing units with one manager's unit. The project requires subdivision of existing underutilized commercial property on 7th Street, between I and J Streets, into two lots.  The first has existing development.  The second will be developed with a 4-story building with a mix of unit sizes, from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom apartments, for a minimum of 81 low-income qualified residents.

37 units will be adaptable, five will be accessible, and 2 units will be for sensory impaired residents.  The project includes a community center, computer lounge, skate park, tot lot, and outdoor garden space, along with retail space on the ground floor near 7th and I Streets.  Other development improvements include sidewalk and driveway improvements, off-street parking with 2 accessible spaces, 2 EV charging stations, bike racks, benches, landscaping, outdoor lighting, open space and a public plaza at 7th and J Streets, and other stormwater, utility undergrounding, and trash/recycling enclosures.

Available Documents:

2.  Creek Side Homes

Find information about Creek Side Homes, an affordable housing development project.

3.  REVISED Village Housing Project

The next hearing for the Village Housing project will be on June 5, 2019 at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting.  View the Notice.

Village Housing – Meeting with Stakeholders and Upcoming Council Meeting

Background.  In August, 2018, the Arcata City Council voted against the proposed Village Student Housing Project. Among other considerations, opposing members indicated they would consider approval if the project included a mix of student purpose-built and unrestricted, open-market housing.

Stakeholder Meeting.  On January 30, 2019, City Community Development staff hosted an informal meeting to communicate project revisions; allow stakeholder participation in working groups to provide feedback on various components of the revised plan; and discuss the City process for reconsideration.

There was no public comment period; Council members were not in attendance, and no formal action was taken.  The purpose was to provide information and receive input for the Council’s consideration.

The meeting was recorded, and can be viewed below, and at the City's YouTube page.  All written comments were collected and assembled for the Council meeting on February 6, 2019, where the Council considered whether to re-initiate review of the revised project.   

Revised Project Information:  The following information is now available for review:

Proposed Site Plan - Student and Community Apartments
Proposed Elevations - 2 Story
Proposed Elevations - 3 Story
Proposed Elevations - 4 Story

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HISTORY:  The Village Student Housing Project was denied by the City Council at the August 29, 2018, continued hearing of by a split vote of two for and two abstaining and one absence. 

The project review spanned several months and involved multiple public hearings. The City received hundreds of letters and tens of hours of public testimony on the project.  You may view archived documents.

4.  Lower Twin Parks

View environmental documents:

Initial Study and Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration dated June 17, 2015

State Clearinghouse CEQA Compliance Letter SCH#2015062048, dated July 20, 2015.

Notice of Determination, filed July 25, 2015

5.  Canyon Creek Apartments

A proposed 89-unit multi-family complex on Todd Court, adjacent to Larson Park.

Current Status:  In process; hearing not yet scheduled.

Available Documents:  

6.  Sunset Terrace

A complex of 142 one-bedroom units.

View the environmental document Initial Study & Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration which was amended and adopted by the Planning Commission on June 28, 2016.

Current Status:  Construction is nearing completion.

Sunset Terrace under Construction 10-2017

Important City-Wide Documents

Traffic Study

The Traffic Study document is an important part of California Environmental Quality Act reviews.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Memo

This analysis in this memo demonstrates that developments currently in process are within the capacity of the current wastewater treatment plant; however, the plant will require upgrades in the reasonably near future.