Current Development Projects

These projects are currently in permitting, planning or environmental review processes.
Project Title Description Hearing Date
Canyon Creek Apartments
A proposed 74-unit multi-family project on Todd Court adjacent to Larson Park.
See the site plan

Creekside Homes (Foster Avenue Annexation) A proposed residential subdivision and assisted living facility on the West end of Foster Avenue (Foster Avenue and Q Street on the north side of the large vacant lot). See the site plan.   See a Summary Project Description.  View the most current Draft Areawide Traffic Impact Study.
The Village
A proposed 800-bed, 240-unit student housing development project in the Sunset Neighborhood on St. Louis Road. See the updated site plan.  See the Environmental Impact Report Notice of Preparation.

 Citywide Amendments Project Use the link to the left, or click here for information about a proposed General Plan and Zoning Amendment, and a modification of the City's Urban Services Boundary and/or Sphere of Influence.  
DRAFT Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Impact Study You can view a draft Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Impact Study here; however, the link does not include Appendix D, the Intersection Level of Service (LOS) Calculations, as they run to more than 550 pages.  A separate link is provided for the draft Intersection LOS Calculations.