Application and Pre-Application

The Planning Permit Application form is required for all types of planning applications.  Complete the Planning Permit Application, then find the information and checklist for the type of permit you are applying for.

There is an option for discussion of a general request before submitting an application, the Pre-Application Request.  This is an informal meeting where applicants can meet with people from relevant divisions within the City to discuss the feasibility of the project concept, and provide information about what they would want to included in the full application.  There is no cost for this meeting.  Meetings are held on Monday afternoon, and do require the request and certain basic information.

Then there is Preliminary Review, which is generally made for larger projects before all technical studies have been returned.  It is designed to give an applicant a non-binding predetermination of whether the application may meet all code requirements.  There is a fee for this application, and the project is generally presented to the Zoning Administrator, Historic and Design Review, Planning Commission, or City Council, as appropriate for the type of request.  Note that the Preliminary Review Requires the standard

Planning Permit Application

together with the items on the checklist.

Pre-Application Request