Forest Management Committee


Regular meetings of the Forest Management Committee take place on the 2nd Thursday of odd-numbered months at 7 AM in Arcata City Hall's Council Chamber, located at 736 F Street.  Additional meetings will take place at the call of the Committee Chair. 

Meeting Agendas & Archives

Updated meeting agendas and agenda archives for this committee can be found here


  • Michael Furniss, 
    Term: 2020
  • Dennis Halligan, Chair
    Term: 2021
  • Ken Hoffman
    Term: 2021
  • Staff Liaison: Mark Andre, Environmental Services

  • Russell Forsburg 
    Term: 2020
  • Danny Hagans
    Term: 2019
  • Jack Naylor
    Term: 2021
  • Yana Valachovic
    Term: 2019


The Forest Management Committee was established in 1999 by the adoption of Ordinance Number 1292, replacing the Forest Management Advisory Committee which was established in 1981 by the Arcata Community Forest/Jacoby Creek Forest Multiple Use Management Plan and authorized by Resolution Number 801-43.

The Committee's primary function is to advise Council and Commissions in matters relating to forestry issues within the City-owned forest land, and review timber harvest plans for conformance with the goals and policies of the Forest Management Plan, Monitoring Plan and Recreation Plans. The Forest Management Committee’s powers and duties are outlined in Arcata Municipal Code Sections 2234 to 2237.

The Forest Management Committee consists of seven members who have interest, knowledge or experience in multi-resource forest management, which includes forest ecology, forest management, watershed management, wildlife, fisheries, botany and recreation. Of the 7 members, five must live within Arcata City limits and two may live or work in the Arcata Planning Area. See current vacancies and residency qualifications.

Powers & Duties

The powers and duties of the Forest Management Committee are as specified in the Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2234 to 2237. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:

A. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, Commissions or City staff as appropriate in matters relating to:
  1. Implementation of the Arcata Community Forest/Jacoby Creek Forest Management Plan;
  2. Forestry issues within the Arcata Planning Area; and
  3. Forest management issues on other City-owned forest land.
B. To review timber harvest plans prior to their filing with the California Department of Forestry for conformance with the goals and policies of the Forest Management Plan, Monitoring Plans and Recreation Plans.
C. To make recommendations to the Council for amendments to the Forest Management Plan that may become desirable based upon experience with implementation.

Annual Reports to Council

Please view the Annual Forest Management Reports.