Renewable Energy

While energy efficiency and conservation can do a great deal to help us lower our energy use, we will still need clean, reliable, sustainable sources of energy. That's where renewable energy comes in. Renewable energy sources are naturally replenished, and include biomass, hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, solar thermal, wave action, and tidal action. When used responsibly, these energy sources are sustainable. Humboldt County is blessed with a tremendous renewable energy resource base, including wind power, wave power, and biomass. These energy sources can potentially provide all of our energy needs. In fact, biomass resources are already used to generate about half of the electricity we use in Humboldt County. Renewable energy sources can be used in large, utility-scale installations, like huge wind farms, or they can be used in decentralized, individual applications, like a roof mounted solar electric or solar hot water system.

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