Diverse housing opportunities in Arcata one of the City Council's primary goals for the City.  The Housing Division works with affordable housing opportunities, and collaborates with Planning Division staff on market rate housing projects.

The Housing Division develops programs to support the following:

  • A range of housing choices, including affordable housing for individuals and groups of individuals;
  • Infill development in vacant, brownfield, and underutilized land, where infrastructure and services are available without great cost;
  • Creation of residential units on upper floor areas of businesses.
Affordable housing programs in the City are open to applicants who meet State income qualification guidelines, depending on family size. Income Limits are posted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

The Housing Division is also working on a Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance, expected to go before the City Council in June, 2017.  Find out more information on the ordinance.
  1. Homeownership

    Choose any homeownership link for more information, guidelines, and forms.

  2. Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

    You may be eligible for up to 24 months of rental assistance.

  3. Projects

    Find out about some of the housing projects the City is directly involved with.